News for The Trials of Isabella M Smugge

Couldn’t put it down

”After falling out of love with reading for many years … I pretty much finished the book in one afternoon … Highly recommended to take your mind away from the chaos of reality’ Read More »

A delicious and satisfying read!

‘Ruth Leigh’s writing is so Jane Austen-ish, yet unique! Reconnecting with Issy Smugge was like catching up with a friend … ake your time and read this delicious tale slowly’ Read More »

Absolutely unputable down able

‘She develops through adversity and she turns into literally my best friend …on paper. I read this first book when I was poorly and it cheered me up no end… I adore you issabella smugee’ Read More »

Hugely entertaining page turner

‘Growing self-awareness leads to her emerging as a more humane and sympathetic character. The strings of hashtags and witty observations create laugh out loud moments. Hugely entertaining’ Read More »

Enjoyable and so real to life!

‘There is a strong author voice touching on family, work, parenting, mental wellbeing, forgiveness, womanhood, friendship, self-independence and so much more which really blessed me and would impact readers’ Read More »