News for Alistair Forman

Beautiful, inspiring book

‘Incredibly well written book that draws together beautiful imagery at the beginning of each chapter, that draws you closer to the Father and practical ways to grow/develop your relationship’ Read More »

Not alone

‘has encouraged, affirmed and nudged me, “Together with God you can do it.” I met humour, seriousness and honesty’ Read More »

NEW BOOK: What next for the prodigal son?

‘A foundational message that all of us need.’ John Arnott, Catch The Fire World

The story of the Prodigal Son may be the most well-known parable Jesus told. Yet what would have happened next for the returning prodigal had the story continued? How would he have adjusted to his new identity as an ennobled son, and what lessons might there be for our lives? Read More »

Sample Chapters: The Road to the Father’s House

Welcome to Wherever You Are

You open your eyes.
You’re a little disorientated at first; you feel good but you just can’t quite remember where you are or maybe even who you are yet. Light is streaming through a gap in the curtains… Read More »