News for The Shadow of Grayrton Mire

Great page turner!

‘I loved finding out more about the characters and couldn’t put it down. It’s a great detective story with lots of twists and turns. I can’t wait for the next one’ Read More »

An exceptional read

‘The third book from Ben Mears featuring Banyard & Mingle and in my opinion the best to date … looking forward to book 4’ Read More »


‘This is the third book I’ve read in the series and Mr Mears’ characters are deeper, the stories darker with each one. I enjoyed the sense of atmosphere whenever the action moves ‘out on the mire” Read More »

NEW NOVEL: Mystery-thriller tackles social justice issues for Gen Z

Generation Z has been making the headlines for everything from its different approach to skinny jeans to work-place expectations and company values. But if one thing stands out, it is an overriding concern with issues of social justice and the environment[1] – issues author Ben Mears tackles through his post-apocalyptic detective mystery series, Banyard and … Read more …

Sample Chapters: The Shadow of Grayrton Mire


Sunday night, 4th Honourmoon 
Martha gripped the storm lamp, her knuckles blanching as shadows danced on the stone walls and timbers of the croft. Voices rose from the darkness outside: men approaching along the dry path from the village. A hammering at the door startled her. She spun towards the sound. Bit her lip. Turned on her heel again to sweep her lamp around, searching the kitchen… Read More »