News for Not Knowing but Still Going

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‘the author brought the story to life for the reader, and blended this with her own experiences of not knowing, and how – through the chapter contemplation – the reader was encouraged to reflect on their own experiences’ Read More »

NEW BOOK: What can we learn from Mrs Noah?

Did you know that half the people on Noah’s ark were women? But what do we know about them and what can we learn from the uncertainty, change and new beginnings they must have been confronted by, all issues that echo for us today?

In her inspiring, honest and compelling book… Read More »

Sample Chapters: Not Knowing but Still Going

Before the Flood
Imagine you live in a village and you stroll along the riverbank where you used to play as a child. Imagine each morning you walk outside, feeling the coolness of the dew-filled grass beneath your bare feet, and look at a cloudless blue sky where the sun always shines. Imagine your three boys have grown up and left your homestead to live with their wives. Imagine your husband telling you one evening in front of the fire that God has spoken to him about a flood… Read More »