News for The Diary of Isabella M Smugge

An immersive page turner

‘A perfect way to indulge in another’s life! Full of humour and heartache alongside the mundane of a woman’s work never being done! Loved it!’ Read More »

Hilarious and heartbreaking

‘I soon warmed to her and her lack of self awareness became rather endearing. I found her story hilarious and heartbreaking (sometimes in the same sentence) and some of the hashtags are pure genius … #bringonthenextone’ Read More »

Loved every minute!

‘well drawn characters, lots of humour but a load of depth as well. Isabella – well, you can’t help loving her, despite all her flaws and her seeming shallowness’ Read More »


‘I loved this book so much and read it so quickly … I definitely recommend’ Read More »


‘Ruth Leigh’s writing is flawless, and the characterisation is just brilliant. What a journey’ Read More »