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AUTHOR BLOG: Questions to help kids with lockdown change

Last week, my three-year-old grand-daughter was turned away at the nursery school gate because someone had tested positive for coronavirus. The situation was explained carefully and kindly to her, and she said, ‘OK.’ But on the way home she commented dolefully to my son, ‘Daddy, I like school.’ She was missing learning and meeting friends, … Read more …


‘This was a page turner, finished it only one day – even though it was for young adults – I as an adult found it a lovely read’ Read More »


Helen, how long have you been writing and how did you get started?

I’ve been writing all my life, really: articles, stories, the occasional poem – and novels. I love words – reading, writing, teaching English, trying to learn languages. I won an article-writing competition in primary school. Read More »

Sample Chapters! Hide and Secret

When Mum said we were moving back to Edinburgh, I chucked a radge. That’s Scottish for getting angry and losing your temper. I stamped and slammed doors and shouted rude words.  
When I finally calmed down enough to talk to her about it, I said, ‘How can it be back to Edinburgh? Cairo is my home… Read More »

NEW BOOK! Teenage faith and refugees

Should you keep a secret?
Can you tell a lie?
Can good intentions lead to wrong actions?
Gangs and bullies
How can young teens live for Jesus?
Evocative settings in Cairo and Edinburgh Read More »