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in tears, no spoilers

‘Chick captures the mood of early 2020 so well. This is a record of modern history. The main character so vividly brought to my mind’ Read More »

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‘it felt really timely to think of how each of us is coping with living with the disruptions that COVID-19 continues to bring to our lives’ Read More »

Sample Chapters! Albert Stridemore’s Lockdown Discoveries

3rd January 2020
What’s in a Name? 
Albert Stridemore’s neighbours on the Irmingshawe estate would often observe that never had a man been more appropriately christened. ‘He really is an Albert,’ they would say to each other as he passed with a curt nod of his head and a brief greeting – never usually more than… Read More »

A complete gem

‘You will love Albert Stridemore and the other beautifully painted/created characters in this book’ Read More »