News for The Green Ink Ghost

Moving a great story forward

‘Mears weaves his web of storytelling with such skill. He draws you in to their world and you feel part of it as the mystery deepens. The resolution is completely unexpected’ Read More »

I am hooked!

‘Another great book. I am really enjoying getting to know the characters and like that there is some humour as well as lots of twists and turns. I can’t wait to read the next one’ Read More »

Another great read

‘Another really good read that we demolished in a couple of days (always a good sign). Looking forward to book 3’ Read More »

Gripping stuff!

‘I very much enjoyed returning to the familiar characters in this book. Although not really aimed at my age group (it’s more of a young adult novel), I find the writing style draws me in and keeps me wanting to know what is going to happen’ Read More »

I couldn’t put it down!

‘well-written and enthralling, taking you into the world of the characters. With the twists and turns it kept me wanting to know what would happen next’ Read More »

Sample Chapters! The Green Ink Ghost

Josiah’s spade strikes wood around five feet down. 
‘That’s it. Willard’s coffin.’ Standing at the edge, I peer into the pit. 
‘I think it is.’ Josiah scoops soil from the lid, adding to the spoil heap. When he’s cleared half of the lid, we swap places and I finish the job. The coffin is still intact and seems remarkably strong… Read More »

The Green Ink Ghost

‘The second book in the Banyard & Mingle series, this is a cracking detective story set in the, now familiar, Dickensian future’ Read More »