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Gilana, how long have you been writing and how did you get started? I started to get ‘nudged’ by God in 2018 and took the prompting seriously the following year after I had left my job at the hospice. My initial thoughts were quite haphazard to put it politely! I knew I wanted to write … Read more …

Sample Chapters! Led to the Banquet Hall

A Relentless Nightmare

Imagine a married couple renting a two-bedroom terraced council house in the 1950s in a dilapidated neighbourhood, with five young children all under the age of six. The children’s parents were holding down different jobs to bring in enough money for food and payment of bills… Read More »

Inspiring Read

‘An open, honest and hugely inspirational book. Having personally witnessed the authors fantastic hospice work first hand, reading about the heartbreaking and challenging journey that shaped and guided her is both humbling and awe inspiring’ Read More »

NEW BOOK! Led to the Banquet Hall

Extraordinary journey of healing from childhood abuse
Incredible conversion experience
Challenging, inspiring testimony to the power of forgiveness
Threads of God’s grace and healing love woven throughout
Learning to manage chronic pain
Insights into work in hospice care and ministry to the bereaved Read More »