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Amazing honesty and insight

‘For anyone who has suffered the loss of a child at whatever stage this book provides real honesty and insight into the depths of that loss and the grace of God through faith to sustain’ Read More »

A special book

‘The Christian perspective of the author should not put anyone off who does not share it. Overwhelmingly this is a story which shows what can bloom from personal tragedy’ Read More »

A must-read for all

‘It will bring comfort to those themselves who have lost a child (as it did for me), it will help those in the medical profession to empathise with parents in similar situations and it will help us all support our friends and colleagues in times of grief & loss’ Read More »


Karen, how long have you been writing and how did you get started?

I’ve always loved writing and, throughout my life, especially during momentous times (good and bad) have found it helpful to get my thoughts out on paper. In my late teens and early twenties I occasionally felt ‘pregnant with poem’ and had to grab paper and pen, sit down and work at rearranging words until they expressed exactly what I was feeling at the time. Read More »

Insightful – a must read

‘I couldn’t put the book down. Waves of emotion, understanding and humour make it compelling reading. Keep the hankie box handy and also be ready to smile!’ Read More »

Sample Chapters! Jennifer

I once stumbled upon a television talk show where the host was whipping up the audience to argue among themselves about which was the most painful loss – that of a spouse, a parent or a child. It seemed callous and pointless. The fact is, none of us can truly compare our grief journey with anyone else’s. Nicholas Wolterstorff, writer and theologian, has used the word ‘inscape’1 to describe the internal landscape of each bereavement… Read More »


‘a great book to read if you can relate to losing a child or if you want to understand how to support others in similar situations’ Read More »

The Daily Record

‘Karen Palmer and husband, Gordon, who has been minister at Claremont Parish Church for 17 years were told half way through her pregnancy that their first child was suffering from a number of serious complications…’ Read More »