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Absolutely Inspiring!

‘Very readable, it gives us clear picture of some of the problems facing our society and how the network of Street Pastors across the country are making a real impact in peoples’ lives’ Read More »

AUTHOR INTERVIEW: Sue Shaw and Luke Randall

Stories from the Streets is about the work of Street Pastors – can you briefly share who they are and what they do?

Street Pastors started almost 20 years ago and employs volunteers to care, listen and help in a range of scenarios. It is an interdenominational organisation bringing together Christians from a diverse range of churches. Initially their focus was on the streets during the night… Read More »

Street Pastors in action!

‘enthralling account of some of the experiences of the many Street Pastors who gladly place themselves on the front line in busy areas of our towns and cities’ Read More »

An inspiring and heartwarming read

‘This very readable book, written by real Street Pastors and featuring detailed accounts of their endeavors across and outside the UK, serves as a reminder of the true meaning of faith and the value of a community’ Read More »