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SORTED MAGAZINE: Pastor patrol

”Are you Christians?’ he asked, ‘I don’t suppose you have a Bible I could have, do you?’ It was one of those moments when the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, the atmosphere completely changed’ Read More »


‘As a Street Pastor myself, I can confirm that the book is an accurate description of the funny, sad and sometimes weird things that we encounter whilst on patrol’ Read More »

Absolutely Inspiring!

‘Very readable, it gives us clear picture of some of the problems facing our society and how the network of Street Pastors across the country are making a real impact in peoples’ lives’ Read More »

AUTHOR INTERVIEW: Sue Shaw and Luke Randall

Stories from the Streets is about the work of Street Pastors – can you briefly share who they are and what they do?

Street Pastors started almost 20 years ago and employs volunteers to care, listen and help in a range of scenarios. It is an interdenominational organisation bringing together Christians from a diverse range of churches. Initially their focus was on the streets during the night… Read More »