News for A Sock Full of Bones

An Adventurous Detective Romp

‘Set in a quasi-Victorian future dystopia, this book mixes detective fiction with all out adventure with ships, sword-fights, explosions, and ghostly figures’ Read More »

Hugely enjoyable

‘Absorbing and intriguing from the start … the characters are well drawn and the story kept me turning the pages, wanting to know what happened next … and can’t wait to read the next Banyard and Mingle adventure’ Read More »

A Brilliant Read

‘Mears has created an intriguing world like no other and a cast of likeable characters who are both bumbling buffoons and sleuthing geniuses in equal measure. Get in at the beginning of this trilogy because the unfolding future (or past) of this mysterious world is going to be great!’ Read More »

A cracking good read

‘The adventure and intrigue in this fantasy novel make this a real page turner. At times it feels Victorian, and on more than one occasion I felt a hint of Poldark – no doubt due to the shipwreck and coastal scenes, and Banyard’s tricorn hat’ Read More »

Captivating Read

‘a great detective story with a Grisham feel but set in a post apocalyptic fantasy world with some imagery that is not that dissimilar to the Victorian era. The key characters build well throughout the novel as you get filled in on stories from their past’ Read More »

Step Aside Sherlock and John

‘But the comparison with Sherlock Holmes ends there. Where the former is rooted in logic A Sock Full of Bones ventures into the world of fantasy. And it works. It’s a great story with well thought-out characters and I hope there will be more’ Read More »