News for Chris Lane

A refreshing read

‘articulated for me so many things that I’ve been thinking about and praying about in urban ministry … so helpfully grounded and framed in the biblical narrative. Chris’s honesty and vulnerability are refreshing’ Read More »

An open doorway into the bigger picture

‘His invitation to walk through his story, embedded in the panoramic view of the Bible stories, is irresistible. Success is reframed in the light of Chris’s discovery of God’s ways as he walks us through his own experience of the cost of obedience’ Read More »

Inspiring, Hopeful and Utterly Real

‘challenging, funny, desperately real, honest and an absolute gift to anyone that reads it. It seems so many of us have been taught to hide our struggles and just talk about our ‘success’- Chris invites us to tell a bigger, braver, and ultimately more biblical story’ Read More »

Encouraging and inspiring!

‘I’d recommend this book to anyone who is trying to figure out what it means to be faithful to God even though you don’t see the “outcomes” you think everyone else is expecting of you. Chris’ book is funny, wise, insightful, and prophetic – enjoy!’ Read More »

Real, biblical and humorous

‘The way Chris takes you through the Bible whilst interweaving the stories from pioneers up and down the country is brilliant. You are drawn into the big story of scripture and how it is outworking itself in the forgotten places across the UK’ Read More »

Simple & Powerful

‘Would recommend this to church leaders and new christians alike, it inspired me to enjoy my bible afresh & know that our church is not alone as we look to be a blessing in our community’ Read More »

Excellent and honest

‘wonderful sequel that describes restoration, which looks different, after the inevitable problems that arise somewhere along every church’s journey. A lovely book full of respect for what God is already doing’ Read More »