News for African Pearl

A very honest memoir

‘Here is a woman we can relate to, who struggles with issues of confidence; with having to socialise when she just wants solitude; with ever-present death from AIDS, childbirth complications and Ebola. The author emerges as stronger, but changed’ Read More »

Honest and engaging

‘Well-written in an engaging style, African Pearl is a frank, enlightening account of the author’s experiances working in Uganda. Highly recommeded’ Read More »

Finding yourself

‘Despite being of African extraction the author was a muzungu (foreigner) as far as they were concerned’ Read More »

AUTHOR INTERVIEW: Pamela Brown-Peterside

Pamela, how long have you been writing and how did you get started?
I’ve been writing creative non-fiction since 2008, but before that I wrote and published some academic articles in public health journals.
African Pearl records personal details of your own journey into discovering and understanding more about your identity – how did you find writing about these things?
I wanted to use Read More »

Page-turning, thought-provoking true story

‘when the corona virus is focusing our thoughts on our own communities, Pamela’s searching questions about our place within community, and where we might find redemption, even in a time of loss, are particularly timely’ Read More »

Sample Chapters! African Pearl

‘There’s a strange disease killing people in Kikyo,’ Kisembo tells me, a frown spreading across his face. Whenever I go in to pay my bill at his drug shop – the one with a black and white fence a few houses down from Nyahuka Health Centre – if I settle onto a bench and lean my head against the wall, I know I’ll get more than just a receipt. This morning I hadn’t intended to stay.
‘A strange disease? What could it be?’ Crossing my legs, I notice… Read More »