News for All Saints?

An enjoyable piece of Christian Chick Lit

‘immensely readable and enjoyable, with believable characters who were well designed. The story follows the usual highs and lows of dating, married life and parenting – but I wasn’t prepared for the twist’ Read More »


Ellie, how long have you been writing and how did you get started?

All Saints? is my first book and I started writing it three years ago, although parts of it were swimming around in my head for about a year before that. I had lots of bits of paper with conversations and bits of the plot, which I arranged in order across the floor… Read More »

Three women, three secrets…

‘gripping and well-paced (with a shocking twist) but there is also much to enjoy along the way … covered infertility, motherhood and relationships in a way that was both honest and poignant’ Read More »

“Christian Chick Lit”

‘I enjoyed the story (especially the end – no spoilers!). This book is excellent for anyone looking for a light read with strong Christian undertones’ Read More »

An enjoyable well written book

‘The difficulties faced with infertility, adoption and singleness are dealt with sensitively portraying a range of emotions and challenges, happy and sad, and the author writes with a believable real life understanding of issues’ Read More »

Sample Chapters! All Saints?

It was Christmas Eve afternoon, just one more sleep until Christmas. The weather was mild and the sky shone a clear pale blue over the Staffordshire village of Oxley. Sophie Ashton negotiated the potholes of the church drive, accompanied by Henry, aged two and a half, in his smart outfit, new shoes polished. Sophie was feeling remarkably relaxed… Read More »

What a page turner

‘such a thought provoking story, heartfelt and beautifully written, a story that would appeal to everyone’ Read More »