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‘This incredibly inspirational account, closely linking scripture to real and authentic life experiences, allows its readers to consider more deeply God’s purposes for their own life journeys and in so doing draw closer to discovering who God is and who they are’ Read More »


‘An amazing book that I am so blessed to have read. Our relational Heavenly Father values us and want us to be in relationship with him. A definite read’ Read More »

Wisdom for today

‘There is a lot in this book and I urge you to keep reading, as there is much food for thought along the way, and the final chapter especially, inspires the discovery of stillness and peace in the storms of life…’ Read More »

A Pearl of great price!

‘Take the book a chapter at a time, underline it, make notes, look up the Bible references, read and re-read- you will be encouraged and greatly blessed!’ Read More »

Great for anyone seeking God

‘There are rich gems of heavenly treasure to be found in this book. Not only has the author mined and explained the Bible, he has exposed himself to the reader in explaining how these truths have impacted on his life’ Read More »


Henry, how long have you been writing and how did you get started?

This is my first book, though I have written Bible Study notes for our parish Small Groups at Rainham, which underpinned a lot of our teaching there. I didn’t initially set out to write a book. My creativity is normally expressed in writing songs or painting canvases. So the idea came unexpectedly one day when I was sat down by the river in Rainham, spending time with God… Read More »

Sample Chapters! I AM Relational

My Life Has Purpose and Meaning
Whether you know it or not, God has a purpose for your life that is greater than you could possibly think or imagine.
I want to begin by telling you a personal story. I was brought up in London in a Polish family… Read More »

NEW BOOK! Relationships? Who needs them?

Asks, ‘Who am I? What is my purpose?’
Raises relational and identity issues
A timely book for leaders and thinkers
Debates our uniqueness and significance
Points to something greater than ourselves Read More »