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‘Really excellently written. Compelling story of a life turned around. Brutally honest at times but hopeful throughout. Manoj is the real deal, an example and encouragement’ Read More »

Money Isn’t Everything

Manoj’s property company turned over more than £70,000,000 a year. But after the 2008 financial crash, it was almost worthless. Yet Manoj had homed in on something of infinite value, the topic of his book, Filthy Rich! Read More »

NEW BOOK: Filthy Rich

‘Gives me great hope for many of my friends … Buy it, read it, and pass it on.’
Gavin Calver, CEO, Evangelical Alliance

When Manoj Raithatha was born in Watford in the 1970s, the country he grew up in and the faith he followed were very different from those he knows today. Back then, no one could have imagined that this shy, young Hindu would become a committed, public Christian, and that this child of immigrants would become the first South Asian Chair of the Board of the Evangelical Alliance. But how did this happen? Read More »

Celebrating an inspirational life of Christlike service

Many years ago, before I was a Christian, at a time when I was chasing money and essentially living for myself, I would often say to my wife that I wanted what her mother had. Life hadn’t dealt her a great hand, yet she was by far the happiest person I knew.

She had a peace and joy that were painfully lacking in my own life. Where did they come from? Read More »

Sample Chapters: Filthy Rich

Selling Sand 

Filthy rich! That’s how rich I wanted to be. What was the point in being ‘just rich’, when you could aspire to own the stars! I’m not talking about a few nice motors on the front driveway. I’m talking the full monty: private jet, lush apartment in New York, mansion in the country, and enough staff to cater for my every whim. Oh, and a sushi chef for my refined palate and expensive tastes. I wanted it all… Read More »

Building the Kingdom Through Business

This book is compact and easy to read. If you’re thinking of starting up a business then this book provides a good background. If you’re one of those who think that church and business should never mix, then this book is also ideal for you. Read More »

For the new Power Christians, God is the new CEO

“That was my introduction to Christianity in that two years. I was on my knees.” He means in business terms, but laughs when I check. “God intervened with 15 different creditors with personal guarantees from me. They all did a U-turn – and that was two years of praying.” Read More »