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Author Beth Shepherd Visit

Harrow born author Beth Shepherd visited Stanburn Primary School on Monday 11th July. She read from some of her books and answered childrens questions, including a reading from her soon to be released book Escape from Paradise… Read More »

Wonderful children’s book

The only book my daughter [9yrs old] and i have read together in one sitting, which is amazing considering the two of us cannot sit still. We both loved it! Read More »

This is such a brilliant book

This is such a brilliant book I have 2 kids aged 5 & 6 and even though they can not read they enjoy me reading it to them and request it most bedtimes. Would recommend anyone to buy this book. Read More »

Teaching children to dream in a ‘bleak future’

“I felt compelled to write a book about Ernie who, despite living in a challenging situation, has a dream of a better life and goes in pursuit of it with a determined, childlike faith and naivety. We all need that sometimes in order to believe in and achieve something that seems impossible at the start.” Read More »