News for Living with Alzheimer's

A beautiful love story

‘Not only does it provide lots of useful contacts and information for those caring for loved ones suffering from Alzheimers but it is a beautiful love story’ Read More »

Helpful and hopeful

‘It is full of honest memories intermingled with humour, and balances both sadness and joy as Robin uncovers the tender moments and deep frustrations of his journey’ Read More »

A book for everyone

‘will make you both laugh and cry with Robin’s touching and truthful account of how he and his wife Shoko journeyed through her Alzheimer’s’ Read More »

Insightful addition

‘an inspirational book for those with a faith and it is a challenge to the church to look to how they can encourage and support families going through this experience’ Read More »

Truly a love story

‘Robin shares details of the books, people, organisations and other resources that proved so helpful along the way. But more than anything else, this is a love story. Robin tells how in his love for Shoko he learned to love more deeply, humbly and sacrificially’ Read More »

A superb book

‘contains much practical advice on medication, caring and carers. I would have no hesitation in recommending it’ Read More »


Robin, did you ever think you would be a published author?

I have written several books about Asian culture and religion. But this is a very different area and I never expected to write on this topic… Read More »

Not just a love story an inspiring read!

‘makes you think about the power of love and friendship and how being supportive of others has far more influence on peoples lives than we may think, not only through this heart wrenching disease, but through all aspects of life’ Read More »