News for Living with Alzheimer's

A superb book

‘contains much practical advice on medication, caring and carers. I would have no hesitation in recommending it’ Read More »


Robin, did you ever think you would be a published author? I have written several books about Asian culture and religion. But this is a very different area and I never expected to write on this topic. Living with Alzheimer’s deals with a very personal and challenging issue – what were the challenges in recording … Read more …

Not just a love story an inspiring read!

‘makes you think about the power of love and friendship and how being supportive of others has far more influence on peoples lives than we may think, not only through this heart wrenching disease, but through all aspects of life’ Read More »

Sample Chapters! Living with Alzheimer’s

Losing Things, One by One 
In the first year after Shoko’s diagnosis, life continued much as normal. She could still manage day-to-day activities – looking after the house, cooking, sewing, writing letters, cycling here and there… Read More »

“Living with Alzheimer’s”

‘It takes you into Robin and Shoko’s life in these years with ease and reliability. We share the day to day living, the progression of the disease, the character of love, and the ordinary business of life and caring’ Read More »