News for Being Lena Levi

Fascinating read

‘Powerful story of a young girl searching for her identity when her real mother turns up. Torn between two worlds, Jewish and Christian, Lena begins her conflicting journey to discover who she really is’ Read More »

A wonderful story

‘love learning about life in the 1950’s and much enjoyed this unique book that I passed on to my teenage God-daughter. It comes highly recommended for readers of any age’ Read More »

Charming Coming-of-age Story

‘Being Lena Levi is a firecracker. Teenage angst over “finding myself” is a nearly universal experience, but Maureen/Lena has it in spades: two mothers, two nationalities, two faiths’ Read More »

Great story

‘I really enjoyed following Lena’s journey, discovering and embracing the identity she never knew she had. I was quickly swept up into the story and found myself connecting with her emotional highs and lows’ Read More »

Powerful & educational YA novel

‘As the daughter of adult Holocaust refugees, I was immediately drawn to this story of a young British teenager in the 1950s who comes home one day to her widowed mother, only to find another ‘mother’, an elegant and volatile German Jew, has arrived…’ Read More »

A great read I thoroughly enjoyed!

‘Absolutely loved reading this! Getting to know Lena through the story has been such an insight into some of the struggles and joys of the Jewish people through history. This was a bit I knew nothing about. I was hooked after the first chapter!!’ Read More »