News for Being Lena Levi

Powerful & educational YA novel

‘As the daughter of adult Holocaust refugees, I was immediately drawn to this story of a young British teenager in the 1950s who comes home one day to her widowed mother, only to find another ‘mother’, an elegant and volatile German Jew, has arrived…’ Read More »

A great read I thoroughly enjoyed!

‘Absolutely loved reading this! Getting to know Lena through the story has been such an insight into some of the struggles and joys of the Jewish people through history. This was a bit I knew nothing about. I was hooked after the first chapter!!’ Read More »

Much to ponder

‘it is simple enough to offer a good story to younger readers, while at the same time touching on darker times and deeper issues. Lena’s story of a search for identity and personal meaning has a wide appeal’ Read More »

A factual backdrop, brilliantly painted

‘fast-paced and quickly engages you in wanting to find out what happens next. Cole shows the emotional and physical journey Marlene (Lena) undertakes as she grapples with issues of trust, faith, self and sense of place’ Read More »

Sample Chapters! Being Lena Levi

Chapter One 
Mum looked odd, kind of pasty, as she opened the front door. I slung my heavy, half-term satchel with my dirty sports kit in it onto the hall floor. I hung my panama hat and blazer on the coat stand as usual, but instead of heading for the kitchen with promises of supper, Mum tugged at the hem of my skirt, fiddled with my tie and plaits and looked me up and down.  Read More »