News for The Mystery of Matthew Gold

A captivating read

‘I really enjoyed reading this book. It was well written and had a really engaging and unusual storyline. Highly recommended to anyone who enjoys a good read.’ Read More »


‘what we have to offer the world is not primarily a set of doctrinal propositions but a story  –  a messy story, with all kinds of loose ends and questions we can’t easily answer, but a story in which people encounter God’ Read More »

Great read, keeping you hooked

‘Keeps you guessing throughout, keeping you hooked! I’ve also just read The man who broke into St Peter’s & Rooks At Dusk. Again, I also enjoyed reading them both’ Read More »

An unexpected story that drew me in

‘Chick has given us a character and story that challenges us to think about our attitudes to others difficulties and challenges in life … One of those books I couldn’t put down’ Read More »

Drawn into the mystery

‘WE were completely gripped by emotion and empathy with Matthew Gold. His person and story seemed to become more and more real as the pages and events unfolded’ Read More »

Engaging and inspiring!

‘Never read a Yuill novel outside of your holidays because late, late nights reading “just one more page…” aren’t good for the early morning starts of a working day’ Read More »

Well written, enjoyable, thought provoking

‘Chick does not provide pat or overly overt answers and the story line is not predictable … Chick managed to make me read this book almost as if it were a thriller, with a sense of urgency to get to the end and find the answers’ Read More »

An enjoyable and inspiring read

‘On page 123 Chick writes “that he might be on the verge of creating a character with credibility and vitality that would bring him to life in the minds of readers”. Chick certainly did that for me with Matthew Gold. I highly recommend this book, a very good read and inspiring.’ Read More »

Brilliant from beginning to end

‘What a wonderful book, easy to read but also thought provoking. I just couldn’t put the book down. I have read, and enjoyed, all 3 of Chick’s most recent books but this one has been my favourite. A great read!’ Read More »