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Easy to read and understand

‘I love the fact that the book is easy to read and understand, where so many books on this subject can be very complex for someone not used to psychological language. This book offers survivors and their supporters explanations of what they are experiencing and why, as well as practical ways forwards’ Read More »

Useful resource – full of helpful insights & encouragement

‘A much-needed resource, full of valuable information for survivors of abuse and those who long to help them … Giles writes from his own experience of childhood abuse as well as sharing insights gained through working as a psychotherapist specialising in childhood trauma’ Read More »

WOW ! WOW! What a fantastic book

‘…should certainly be compulsory reading for all . A. Level exams and would change this country drastically if students had this resource in their hands and might reduce the overloading of mental health facilities’ Read More »

A real trailblazer

‘…it is written from both the survivor and the therapist’s viewpoint. By sharing his own journey towards healing, there is an authenticity about this book that makes it invaluable’ Read More »

Essential help on a your healing journey

‘This is a brilliant book for both adults walking the healing journey and also tips to help their supporters and whilst it is written by a Christian you don’t need to be one to benefit from the support and advice it offers’ Read More »

An absolutely outstanding and helpful book

‘While I did not (knowingly) suffer abuse as a child yet still life’s ups and downs have left their mark and this book helps you understand why that is and what to do about it. Cannot recommend highly enough’ Read More »

Sample Chapters! Breakthrough

Who is this book by?
When I started writing this book, the very first question I asked myself was not the usual Who is this book aimed at? but Who is this book by? Not because I’m having some sort of identity crisis, but more because there are a number of different perspectives from which… Read More »

Surviving trauma and abuse

‘This is a book with answers. Please read it , please buy it for anyone who is struggling – you will know someone and possibly more than one’ Read More »