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Brilliant characters, had to keep reading

‘I loved this character – he’s vividly portrayed as a conflicted psychologist, of a certain age who is struggling to deal with the technological age, his own relationships and NHS waiting lists but who still has a love for his job’ Read More »

A moving story

‘It was a shame I had to stop reading to eat and sleep! I loved the way in which Adelle trusted Mike. I also appreciated Mike’s honesty in working through his own relationship issues with his wife. I really appreciated too that there was no swearing or sexual content in the book, so refreshing.’ Read More »

A Journey Of Discovery

‘powerful exploration of a character suffering from mental illness who needs love and understanding. Annie Try has captured Adelle perfectly and woven her into the fabric of my heart’ Read More »

Red Cabbage Blue – Review

‘I loved the therapeutic sessions and the glimpses readers get as Bluedelle experiences a dawning of understanding about herself, her family, and the effect that childhood trauma can have on a person’ Read More »

‘Red Cabbage Blue’ Review

‘I found it interesting to be a ‘fly on the wall’ in their therapy sessions … There are twists and turns in the plot that kept me hooked. Just when I thought ‘aha, I’ve got it’, there was another twist I hadn’t foreseen’ Read More »

A gripping read

‘I thoroughly enjoyed this book and read it in just 2 sittings. There is no swearing or sex in this book, which goes to show that neither are necessary in order to write a very compelling book’ Read More »

Sample Chapters! Red Cabbage Blue

Friday 22nd December 2006 
Around Christmas, the Psychology Department becomes empty and eerily unfamiliar; even the smell seems to revert to its former use as a psychiatric ward. I was the only one in on the Friday before Christmas – the ‘skeleton cover’ required by management over the holiday period. Appropriately named, as it happened.
I checked the waiting area at 10.20 am for my new client. She was already there… Read More »

NEW BOOK: Mental health mystery-romance

Inside story of mental health therapy
Moves away from labelling and stereotypes
A mystery to be solved
Unique psychologist’s perspective
Third in series of Dr Mike Lewis novels
Stand-alone novel Read More »