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Book review: Jesus in Town

‘I am pleased to welcome Jesus in Town as an inspiring account of what can be achieved when churches work together at a local level, and I would recommend it to Christians…’ Read More »

Transform the landscape of a town

‘This was a fascinating read… It was really interesting to read about the impact of churches working together… I also appreciated the honesty about the challenges and difficulties that they faced and continue to face’ Read More »

Sample Chapters! Jesus in Town

Joining the dots (God paints a picture) 
I am lying in a sleeping bag on a mattress on the floor in semi-darkness in a large, warm church hall, listening to various people snoring. On the floor next to me is a pair of shoes, and… Read More »

NEW BOOK: What happens when Jesus comes to town

Do you struggle with church unity?
Is your church making a difference?
Inspirational account of God moving in east London
Part of global city transformation movement
A call to church partnership
Effective and relevant local mission Read More »