News for The Runaway

A Wonderful Challenging Book

‘both gripping and informative…I highly recommend it. The author shows an in depth understanding of teenagers and the problems they face in this day and age’ Read More »

An excellent book

‘After reading it through twice, my attention was drawn to the blessings that came to Tiago through the unofficial and official, short term and long term fostering that he received…’ Read More »

A book for teenagers onwards

‘Unputdownable! No upper age limit for this book. Lessons learned about the problems of some young people and the way to help them out of trouble’ Read More »

Easy to read

‘I don’t normally get time to read books, but once you start to read this book, you find its difficult to stop’ Read More »

Sample Chapters! The Runaway

chapter one 

Tiago Costa’s mouth was beginning to go dry, his heartbeat was racing and his hands shaking as the clock on the wall showed 3.20pm. Already his mind had switched off from the French lesson which Mademoiselle Le Bon was teaching, and he was planning his escape route from the school building. It was imperative that he escaped… Read More »

NEW BOOK: Finding hope after abuse

After abuse… what? Whom can you believe? Learning to trust again Aimed at young adults and those who seek to help them A search for meaning and worth Gripping and relevant story ‘A story of hope.’ Mark Blackwell, Safeguarding Advisor, Hampshire County Council The twenty-first-century challenges faced by many children and teenagers both here in … Read more …