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In her book Time to Live: The Beginner’s Guide to Saying Goodbye, Instant Apostle author, Ann Clifford, addresses the personal and practical elements of dying, acknowledging the pain and confusion that accompany loss, but also helping the reader to conquer their fears and to view death as a portal to the future. Ann, why did … Read more …


We make meticulous preparation for the major events in our lives – just think of a wedding! – so why don’t we prepare for our passing? If we fail to, then we leave our loved ones with a catalogue of difficult choices… Read More »

‘Our dying and death is not about us, rather it is about our loved ones’ @1AnnClifford speaks to @KathrynHitchins #InAp Read More »

EA Author Interview

…dying is not only about ourselves. It’s about how I leave this life, so that I don’t leave a legacy of pain for others. I would like to leave them with a sense of my applause over their lives. Read More »