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Ann, why did you want to write a book about death?

The one thing we know for certain in life is that we will die. This will happen to 100% of us yet most of us do not want to talk about it. As Christians we have a glorious perspective. The reason the idea came to write the book was whilst working with the over 60s for a period of years. Some guests to our free monthly tea party were 70s, 80s and yet they would not talk about dying… Read More »


We make meticulous preparation for the major events in our lives – just think of a wedding! – so why don’t we prepare for our passing? If we fail to, then we leave our loved ones with a catalogue of difficult choices… Read More »

‘Our dying and death is not about us, rather it is about our loved ones’ @1AnnClifford speaks to @KathrynHitchins #InAp Read More »

EA Author Interview

…dying is not only about ourselves. It’s about how I leave this life, so that I don’t leave a legacy of pain for others. I would like to leave them with a sense of my applause over their lives. Read More »