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EWTN Bookmark interview with Katherine Daniels

Katherine Daniels presents her late husband’s book, The Virgin Eye: Towards a Contemplative View of Life, which offers Robin Daniels’ insights into contemplative prayer and viewing the world with the innocence of a child. Hosted by Doug Keck. Watch EWTN interview Read More »

Spirituality that makes sense

Although Robin Daniels was a Christian and he became a Catholic at almost the very end, his book can be read by anyone engaged in the search for spiritual integrity. Read More »

Spirituality can be practical

…admirably practical, rooted in common – and profound – sense, with a wisdom that will help you slow down and take the time needed to learn to live and love in each moment of life. Read More »

Book: The Virgin Eye

The book is a vast treasury of wisdom drawn from a whole array of sages from the past, all smelted in the author’s own personal experience and presented in very readable language. Read More »

Giving God your loving attention

Contemplation can be likened to a child waiting at the window for her Father to come home; or a guard standing vigil, awaiting the Master’s return. The sentry keeps watch at the door of the heart… Read More »