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‘I totally enjoyed the book. I would highly recommend đź‘Śthe book for clean reading. Happy reading’ Read More »

Brilliant Book

‘Well written and engaging, weaving lots of current issues into the mix. John has a wonderful writing style’ Read More »

Nothing predictable about this story!

‘I loved the plot and idea of the 4 bibles, which makes for a really intriguing read. Different aspects of Christianity are discussed in by the various characters throughout … well-written and exciting novel’ Read More »

Brilliant, Exciting, Memorable

‘perhaps the best Christian fiction novel I have ever read. The characters breathe, the plot is unique, the action quickens the reader’s heartbeat, the writing is exceptional, and the Christian message is essential to the story, not added as an afterthought’ Read More »

Sample Chapters! Four

6th May 1996  
The man slid back the covers, swung his legs out of bed and slowly drew himself into a standing position. Slipping his feet into his slippers, he turned to glance at the clock on his bedside table. It registered a fraction past 7.30am.  Read More »