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A nice read

‘I really liked the premise behind The Kilfinan Treasure. I liked being introduced to new characters with each chapter’ Read More »

Gentle tale that makes you think

‘I like that it is not a ‘preachy’ book – the characters vary from believers through lapsed believers to non-believers and their inner dialogue is thoughtfully considered’ Read More »

Lovely, gentle novella with satisfying conclusion

‘…cleverly-done book in which some anonymous poetry in a local newspaper sparks off a treasure hunt in a remote Scottish village. The characters – including the ‘character’ of the village itself, Kilfinan – are well-observed and…’ Read More »

An enjoyable read – a clever idea

‘…great characterisation, which incorporated a cross-section of society, all of whom approach the treasure hunt in their own unique way, which made for an interesting plot. References to ‘Celtic’ saints was an added interest…’ Read More »

Snapshot of intentions and motivations in a Scottish parish

‘…an enjoyable read. It felt as if I was able to pop into the lives of ordinary people and get a small, detailed snapshot of their lives and an understanding of their intentions and motivations. The detailed observations about the ordinary and the mundane made the scene and characters very real…’ Read More »

Sample Chapters! The Kilfinan Treasure

Chapter One 
27th May 2017 
A satisfied smile suffused Tom Hodson’s face. His eyes alighted on St Finnan’s noticeboard, which welcomed him to the Scottish Episcopal Church. He took a moment to absorb its details before walking purposefully… Read More »

NEW BOOK: Brain-teasing treasure hunt

Intriguing, brain-teasing mystery
Tantalising puzzles to solve in the quest for treasure
Finding clues in acrostic poems
Unlikely people searching the Bible …
… and finding the greatest treasure
Beautiful, evocative setting on the west coast of Scotland Read More »