News for Out of Silence

Norfolk author’s novel examines mental health

‘Angela was a clinical psychologist for 30 years before doing an MA in Creative Writing. She draws on her experience to portray fictional plots, characters and a medley of difficult emotions and situations that bring drama and understanding’ Read More »

AUTHOR BLOG: Fiction and mental health

It is my privilege to welcome you to 2019 and the first Instant Apostle author blog! I am writing this when there is a problem with my work-in-progress. I have invested a great deal of time and energy trying to create something a little different. Maybe I was a little too experimental or submitted it … Read more …

Loved it.

What a great character – he reminded me of a number of colleagues, rolled into one and through the book I could see and understand him very vividly. Read More »

Intriguing and fluent

The threads are skilfully interwoven and the story operates on a number of levels, with insights into the disciplines of therapy as the healer comes to his own place of healing. Read More »

‘Out of Silence’ by Annie Try

…rivetting, very emotional and, at one point, very harrowing.  All characters were well-drawn and empathetic.  A vulnerable and flawed main character goes straight to the reader’s heart. Read More »

Sunshine And Rainbows

…a contemporary Christian novel about trauma, loss and new beginnings. It was incredibly powerful and heartfelt. The tensions and emotions really played on my mind. Read More »

Out of Silence

…gripped me from the first page and kept me guessing right to the very end with its twists and turns. Absolutely brilliant. Read More »

Lovely day at Green Pastures Christian Bookshop today – met interesting people and sold a few books! Read More »