News for The Diary of a (Trying to be Holy) Mum

Fun and easy read

‘Good, fun, really easy to read book about a down to earth mum also trying to hear God in her day to day’ Read More »

You can’t help liking Becky

‘Having brought up three children myself, I also recognised the day-to-day mad rush and spinning of many plates – these episodes make for many comic moments. A kind and life-affirming read.’ Read More »

AUTHOR BLOG: Am I good enough?

Before I had my children, I had it all planned out. I would be a loving, affectionate parent, while at the same time setting clear boundaries for my kids. Good routines would be established early on, so that my offspring would grow up secure and well-equipped to deal with whatever life might throw at them…. Read more »

An enjoyable and relaxing read

‘I can identify with so much in the story (both practically and spiritually). It is a humorous take on the practical challenges of raising a young family alongside the spiritual problems we all have along the way…’ Read More »

Absolute must-read for any Christian mum

‘An absolute must-read for any Christian mum – it’s even on offer @edencouk right now for £3.99!’ @DesertMumBlog #InAp … Read More »

Double-book signing!

Thanks so much @KKrafts_BBooks for inviting me to do a book signing alongside @timgoughuk on Saturday – you can see how much we enjoyed ourselves! Read More »