News for The Diary of a (Trying to be Holy) Mum

Warm, thoughtful, engaging

‘This is just lovely. Gentle, comforting, challenging, funny and moving, it’s an absorbing story with likeable, fallible, relatable characters and humorous, perceptive observations on family life .. Thank you’ Read More »

A thoroughly enjoyable read

‘This is such a delight! I thoroughly enjoyed reading Becky’s story. I found it funny and uplifting and gently thought provoking. I really hope that Fiona Lloyd will share more of Becky’s adventures with us in the future…’ Read More »

Gentle, humorous and very observant

‘The author also captures very well the behaviour of two, five and nine year olds, and the sort of things they can and will do if a parent is occupied elsewhere and not supervising, even for a few minutes…’ Read More »

A lovely read

‘As a mum of two small children and a christian. It was lovely to feel I’m not alone in my chaos’ Read More »

Fun and easy read

‘Good, fun, really easy to read book about a down to earth mum also trying to hear God in her day to day’ Read More »

You can’t help liking Becky

‘Having brought up three children myself, I also recognised the day-to-day mad rush and spinning of many plates – these episodes make for many comic moments. A kind and life-affirming read.’ Read More »

AUTHOR BLOG: Am I good enough?

Before I had my children, I had it all planned out. I would be a loving, affectionate parent, while at the same time setting clear boundaries for my kids. Good routines would be established early on, so that my offspring would grow up secure and well-equipped to deal with whatever life might throw at them. … Read more …

An enjoyable and relaxing read

‘I can identify with so much in the story (both practically and spiritually). It is a humorous take on the practical challenges of raising a young family alongside the spiritual problems we all have along the way…’ Read More »