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Celebrating an inspirational life of Christlike service

Many years ago, before I was a Christian, at a time when I was chasing money and essentially living for myself, I would often say to my wife that I wanted what her mother had. Life hadn’t dealt her a great hand, yet she was by far the happiest person I knew.

She had a peace and joy that were painfully lacking in my own life. Where did they come from? Read More »

Building the Kingdom Through Business

This book is compact and easy to read. If you’re thinking of starting up a business then this book provides a good background. If you’re one of those who think that church and business should never mix, then this book is also ideal for you. Read More »

For the new Power Christians, God is the new CEO

“That was my introduction to Christianity in that two years. I was on my knees.” He means in business terms, but laughs when I check. “God intervened with 15 different creditors with personal guarantees from me. They all did a U-turn – and that was two years of praying.” Read More »

The business of mission

As a businessman myself I am hugely excited to see more Christians engaging in business to combat poverty, provide dignity of labour and be a light for Christ in the marketplace… Read More »

Extremely challenging

I have never highlighted as many quotes and memorable ideas as I did whilst reading this book. Have shared it with many friends. Read More »