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Confronting evil

‘There is the issue of cross-cultural relationships, there are the effects on a religious family when one member changes faith, and there is also the struggle of a teenage girl with a mixed background’ Read More »

A Good Good Read: A Vision of Locusts

It wasn’t ‘preachy’ which I appreciated. I half expected the teenage girl to have a dramatic conversion experience (which would have been the case, no doubt, had this been written by an American Christian!) but the story was far more subtle, more like real life… Read More »


A compelling read, full of believable characters caught up in challenging situations. A book I couldn’t put down which left me, once it was finished, with a sense of hope. Read More »

Another triumph by S.L Russell

As a Non-Christian reader, I can confidently recommend this book to Christian and Non-Christian readers alike. It certainly isn’t “preachy” and the way in which the author explores faith through the doubts and fears of the book’s protagonist 17 year old Abbie, is realistic and relatable to anyone. Read More »

‘Not preachy and pious, but authentic and engaging.’ A great review from @MethRecorder for @SueLRussell‘s A Vision of Locusts. #InAp @instantapostle @KathrynHitchins Read More »

The launch book stack! A Vision of Locusts #InAp Read More »


‘I have used internal monologue quite a lot in my books, and with the Christian characters in particular it’s a way of showing sincere faith struggles…’ Read More »