Working with Released Prisoners

Stephen Dailly

ISBN: 9781909728967

196 Pages

Published Jan 2019

Latest Releases, Mission and Leadership

Paperback £8.99
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Every year, thousands of people are released from prison and back into the community. Many of these are believers in Christ, just like you and me.

So how can we, the Church, support these brothers and sisters as they seek to transition back into society? How can we help them move forward with their faith? What unique factors do we need to be aware of and what precautions should we take?

With extensive experience in the field, the author gives profound insights into the very real difficulties released prisoners both face and present, all the while offering genuine hope. Working with Released Prisoners will encourage Christians from all backgrounds to question their own preconceptions about those coming out of prison and show them how they can make a difference to the lives of these precious sons and daughters of God.

  • “Welcoming church congregations are a vital community asset that can have a powerful, redemptive influence on people coming out of prison. I’m aware of wonderful examples of lives being turned around for good from this type of ministry.”

    Andrew Selous, MP for South West Bedfordshire