Walking with Purpose

“Living in the present with an eye on the future”

Richard Whitehouse

ISBN: 9781909728479

182 Pages

Published Apr 2016

Christian Life

Paperback £8.99 Kindle £5.99
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Wild adventure and tranquil rest, fearful doubt and inspired hope – the walk of faith truly is the journey of a lifetime!

In Walking with Purpose, Richard Whitehouse explores the momentous expedition that begins with meeting Christ and ends in the Father’s eternal presence. There are many challenges and opportunities that every believer will face but it is essential to never lose sight of the goal of our faith. Taking wisdom from the giants of the faith who have gone before and who now invite us to join the journey toward God, Richard offers us the tools and guidance that can see us purposefully press on to the end.

Walking with Purpose is a practical guide to living in the present with an eye on the future, in the company of those who have gone before.

  • Certain books educate, interest or stimulate your thinking. Walking With Purpose will feed you. As you read you will be strengthened on your journey and encouraged to end well.

    Stuart Bell, senior leader of Alive Church and leader of the Ground Level network
  • Walking With Purpose is the record of wisdom gained over many years of fruitful ministry. It has scholarship, passion and reality and is written by a man who has known the blessings and buffetings of the road towards the best destination that is truly out of this world. I wholeheartedly commend this great read.

    John James, evangelical minister, preacher, author and former president of the Baptist Union of Great Britain
  • Many books addressing the realities of walking with Jesus are "fluff" and are no more effective than a tickling of the ears. This is not one of those books! These pages contain the profound wonders and challenges of a life truly lived following hard after Jesus as His disciple. I am eager that as many believers as possible will discover, maybe for the first time through these pages, what this life in God is really all about. Those who have perhaps become weary or lost in the journey will find a detailed map and compass for gaining a fresh faith-filled perspective, an invigorated hope forward, and a sure expectation for glorious fulfilment. I have personally been stirred and strengthened in my own journey!

    Paul Arends, Senior Pastor, The River Church, Kalispell, Montana and mentor to several pastors and ministry leaders in Asia and Africa
  • Walking With Purpose is a book which has been long in the making. It is rooted in biblical understanding but is framed in the wisdom of the authors walk with God. It is a stimulating read and offers insights into what God is saying to us through the lives of those He loves.

    Rev Hirpo Kumbi, national overseer, Emmanuel Christian Fellowship UK Cities
  • It is the mark of an authentic disciple when one can reflect and write honestly about ones own lifes journey and ministry. In this inspirational and informative text my colleague, friend and companion, Richard Whitehouse, shares from his many years of seeking to intentionally follow Jesus. Through the blessings and trials of leadership, the painful and joyful experiences of life, family and ministry, we observe something of the calibre of what missional leadership entails. Weaving together elements of Scripture, classic Christian spiritual writings and his own personal reflections, we see how one pursues the path of the Way of Jesus. Anyone who wishes to enhance their own leadership will benefit from this important text.

    Dan Yarnell, national coordinator of the Fellowship of Churches of Christ in Great Britain and Ireland

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