Vision of Light

“The darkest night need not be the end of the story”

Gillian Poucher

ISBN: 9781912726738

272 Pages

Published Sep 2023


Paperback £11.99 Kindle £5.99
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Estranged from his family, divorced and in debt, Noel Reilly has nowhere to turn. When his pregnant ex-partner is murdered and he is viewed as a suspect by local police, he contemplates taking his life – before a mystical riverside encounter offers a glimmer of hope.

Still doubting his mental state, Noel can’t deny the strange events that begin to unfold, but is bewildered when an elderly neighbour with dementia seems to recognise the visionary figure he has seen. Learning that his home town has a violent and troubled past, Noel discovers he has a key role to play in the life-and-death struggle overshadowing it.

Bravely confronting his childhood trauma, Noel will need help from unexpected new friends if a deranged killer is to be stopped, and if healing is to be found for his family and the benighted town.

  • With Vision of Light, Gillian Poucher is walking in the footsteps of such giants as Lewis and Peretti on a new and adventurous road. Vivid descriptions. Masterful characterisations. Harrowingly believable. Warmly encouraging.

    A distinct and original voice.

    Ben Mears, author of the Banyard & Mingle Mysteries
  • Gillian Poucher has written a story of redemption, love and forgiveness, with a great cast of characters and a light touch around family dynamics and the pain that is often hidden away. Suspenseful, moving, authentic and a truly engaging and uplifting read with a gentle faith element running through it.

    Ruth Leigh, Author of the Isabella M Smugge series and A Great Deal of Ingenuity, a collection of Pride and Prejudice short stories
  • A dazzling feat of Christian fiction writing which keeps the reader intrigued throughout every well-crafted sentence. An author to watch.

    Multi-award-winning author and podcaster Wendy H Jones

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