The Runaway

Mary Weeks Millard

ISBN: 9781912726011

240 Pages

Published Mar 2019

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Paperback £8.99
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‘Run, run, as fast as you can!’ – the cry rings out in Tiago’s ears as he flees his abusive step-father and the only home he has ever known.

Exposed and alone on the cruel London streets, and fearing for his infant sister’s fate, he will have to learn fast if he is to survive and ever see her again. But when a chance encounter with a beautiful girl reveals a new threat, he runs to the coast where new opportunities and new dangers await.

Vulnerable and in desperate need of support, Tiago will have to decide whom to trust if he is ever to stop running and discover the key to his dead father’s past.

But will his murderous step-father find him first? And what about the girl whose help may just have saved his life?