The Road to the Father’s House

“Where God's presence meets your story”

Alistair Forman

ISBN: 9781912726479

256 Pages

Published Sep 2021

Christian Life

Paperback £9.99 Kindle £5.99
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We all know the story of the prodigal son – but was the welcome-home party the end of the journey?

This beautiful and deeply personal book imaginatively considers the journey the prodigal son still had to walk once he had got home and insightfully applies it to our own lives.

When we first turned to God, He ran to meet us in a collision of forgiveness and grace, bringing us a new identity, a new belonging and a new future. But like the prodigal, we all carry wounds and have distorted perspectives of who we are as children of God and who He is as the perfect, endlessly good Father.

In The Road to the Father’s House, Alistair explores how God gently heals and restores us as we walk with Him, learning to share our brokenness and trust in the lavish love and abundance He has for us as cherished sons and daughters.

  • Occasionally a narrative comes along that is not only very well written, but extremely practical in helping incorporate its message into one’s own life. Such is Alistair Forman’s book, The Road to the Father’s House.

    Based on the story of the prodigal son from the Bible in Luke 15, this volume, skilfully incorporates allegory and imagination, to help you walk in the footsteps of the leading characters. You will experience their emotions and challenges, enabling you to better assimilate these transforming principles into your own heart and life, and fathom the profound depths of the love of God.

    I have so enjoyed reading this volume and will be recommending it to young and old alike who are passionate to really know Him. This is a foundational message that indeed all of us need to really 'get'.

    John Arnott, Catch The Fire World; author
  • Alistair dares us to be the character of our story with God. No one talks about what the prodigal son had to do the next morning after the big party, but this book does. Being home, truly home, takes some getting used to. The kingdom of God is a party, but who is going to clean up afterwards? How do we now live as a son or daughter with Father? Alistair helps us see that we will want to help clean up because the party was for us and there will be party after party in the Father’s house.

    Alistair does not give us any formulas for success. We like formulas because we think we can control them. We wish God had left us ten steps to happiness and seven steps to holiness, but He did not because He is after a relationship, which we can’t control. We really can’t control any relationship, any more than I can point the remote control at my wife and click her off. Don’t try that at home. And our relationship with Father God is even more complicated, messy and wonderful.

    I think this book will make you homesick for the Father’s house, which is the home you always wanted and always knew had to be there.

    W Andrew McMillan, Pastor Comunidad Cristiana de Fe, Medellín Colombia; author
  • Often, when reading books by gifted authors, I have wondered as to their journey and process. How did the idea for the book come about? How did they begin the work? How did they persevere through the various iterations and drafts to arrive at the final product?

    In this particular instance, I have had the great pleasure of being able to see this project evolve from its inception, through to the finished copy you now hold in your hands. It has been a labour of love for Alistair, of this I am certain. His desire was to recount, through his own journey and experiences, the grace and goodness of God in his life – and this is what this book is: an honest, at times raw, but consistently authentic journey.

    I have often encouraged Alistair that his teaching and preaching carries with it something of the ability Jesus had to present wonderfully complex truths in accessible and beautiful ways. It has now become apparent to me that the ability Alistair has to do this in his teaching has translated across into his writing, and for this I am grateful. I found this book to be engaging and disarming in equal measure – whether it is an analogy from a Marvel film, or a unique perspective on one of the parables of Jesus, Alistair has a gift to be able to take a deep concept, and in a moment, make it accessible.

    I am confident this book will encourage you in a deep and profound way, and will inspire you to push deeper into the heart of God. I know nothing would make Alistair happier than to know, through telling his own story, that someone has been encouraged in their relationship with God – and I am confident this book will do exactly that.

    Tom Allsop, Pastor, Catch The Fire Three Rivers
  • I love how Alistair writes. It's how he talks. Deep yet simple; profound yet understandable. I was caught up in his narrative and the journey he shares with us. The Road to the Father’s House is one that all of us who know Jesus are on, even if we didn't know it. Jesus didn’t tell us he was taking us to heaven; rather to meet Father God. Well done, Alistair, on this project. You are a brilliant author.

    Steve Long, Senior Leader, Catch The Fire Church (Toronto); author
  • We first met Alistair when he was around fourteen and targeted him for a discipleship guinea pig. Oh dear. Thankfully, he has recovered from that process and then he dove head first into Jesus, encountered the fullness of the Trinity and has now become one of the most effective leaders in our world. When people hear him speak or receive his pastoring, they know they are loved and prioritised and that the next steps are clear.

    The striking reality of this book is the same as when you meet or are influenced by Alistair: you are stopped in your tracks by the anointing of authenticity, integrity and simplicity. He’s lived a journey, he’s on a journey, he leads people on journeys, and this book will do the same.

    This book is a journey into the Father’s heart. But more than that, it’s an invitation for you to go on a journey baptised, surrounded and encased by God’s love and His revelation of who you are.

    God is interventional. This book is lovingly but authentically interventional. It will help you see where God has touched your past, invaded your present and, maybe more importantly, how the Father wants to take you by the hand and lead your future.

    From people who know there’s more but haven’t tasted that yet, to those who know who they are and have excluded themselves, this book has the potential to release a generation of empowered and grounded sons and daughters.

    Prepare for a God-empowered momentum in your heart and in your life!

    Stu and Chlo Glassborow, Lead Pastors, Catch The Fire London; founders, The Kenyan Children’s Project
  • Grasping how much we are loved by the Father in heaven is a revolutionary revelation with ever-increasing depths. Alistair Forman unpacks not only intellectually but also on a heart level how to journey from living as an orphan to identifying as a son or daughter. Utilising gripping stories from his own experience and the lives of others, Alistair brings home authentic truth which has the capacity to change lives.

    For all who are ready to abandon the 'pigs’ trough' of prodigal, orphan and living less than the Father’s best, this book will help transform you. For all who want “tools in your tool belt” to help impart the revelation of the Father’s love to others, this book is for you. For those who enjoy a good read and want to learn, this book is for you. For those who don’t grasp what it means to have a heavenly Father, this book is for you.

    Let’s just sum it up: this book is for everyone.

    Patricia Bootsma, author
  • Packed full of story and Scripture, The Road to the Father’s House will take you on a personal journey of healing and discovery. An absolute gift to anyone who desires to draw closer to the heart of God.

    Marie Aitken, Head of England, Alpha; founder, Girl Can Daily
  • The Road To The Father’s House is a story wrapped in gentle theology. It is the story of a heart encountering the loving grace of our Father. This story includes each of us. Alistair Forman has a unique way of helping us through our pain and shame to embrace the heart of God. Reading this book, you will want to throw out all religious processes you have ever known, heard and attempted to incorporate into your life, and run unashamed into the embrace of Abba. Personally, I am now running faster than ever!

    Jay Snyder, Passion For Life Ministries

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