The Priest from Pakistan

“A journey of grace”

Amelia Jacob

ISBN: 9781912726639

192 Pages

Published Feb 2023


Paperback £10.99
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This is the inspirational story of Amelia Jacob, one of the UK’s first female priests – and the very first from Pakistan.

Born in Faisalabad, Amelia was raised in her grandfather’s vicarage, a man who had lost everything when he converted to Christianity. But when an arranged marriage brought her to London, the challenges of a new language, culture and relationship saw her faith lapse. Yet the Lord spoke to her in prophetic dreams, and, when she finally turned back to Him, she was stunned to find herself called to the priesthood.

Compelling, entertaining and eye-opening, The Priest from Pakistan is refreshingly candid about the challenges of family life, the immigrant experience and ministering as a woman in a man’s world. For anyone considering how they might serve the Lord, Amelia’s story is encouragement that there are no limits with God!

  • An incredible story of the transformative power of God’s Word to shape and direct our lives, empowering us to overcome every hurdle that stands in the way of fulfilling our God-given callings. Amelia’s faithful obedience is a challenge and encouragement to us all.

    Rev Manoj Raithatha, Minister of Pinner Baptist Church and Chair of the Board of the UK Evangelical Alliance
  • Journeying with Amelia, through the twists and turns of her life, I was captivated by her story. Coming to the UK from Pakistan, an arranged marriage, then becoming a priest… What an amazing lady, and what an incredible God! Inspirational, encouraging, exciting and informative.

    Sheila Jacobs, editor, award-winning writer, author of A Little Book of Rest
  • The Priest from Pakistan is an inspirational testimonial story containing dreams and visions, kindness and grief, courageously and devotedly shared and expressing explicitly the holy intervention and presence of God in Amelia’s life. The awesomeness of the Holy One is shared in the simple manner it is experienced by the author.

    I recommend this experiential book. It is a reminder of life’s wonder and frailty, yet God’s faithfulness and finality.

    Alwin J Samuel, Bishop of Sialkot, Pakistan
  • I commend this book to anyone who wants to know what it is to walk with God and follow His voice. Amelia has written an honest and inspirational book of faith and God's faithfulness. At times I felt deeply moved, and by the end of the book I felt as though I too had been on a journey that has been courageous, loving and full of trust in God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

    Rev Julia Jagannath, Rector of St Mary with St Richard, Northolt
  • This is a story of an ordinary person who, in response to Jesus, offers herself for His purposes, wherever it will lead. Amelia’s journey, in so many ways against the odds, demonstrates that the same Jesus who called Peter from being a fisherman to a leader in his Church can call anyone today into leadership if they are open to Him. Amelia writes with endearing humility, and as a result points to Jesus as the one who can do more than we ask or imagine.

    Rev Christopher Ramsay, Vicar of St George's Southall and Willesden Director of Mission
  • Two different continents, two different shapes of church life: Amelia’s story binds the two together. By reading her personal story of how just one seed has germinated and grown, we are privileged to glimpse something of the ordinary ways in which the Word of God flourishes in very different cultures. Amelia’s warm-hearted story is very personal and yet enlarges our vision to glimpse more of the 'manifold wisdom of God' (Ephesians 3:10).

    Rev John Root, former Vicar of St James’ Alperton
  • This is an inspiring story of the first Pakistani woman to be ordained a priest in the Diocese of London. Amelia came to the UK to be with her husband and discovered she was being called to ministry. This book tells the story of her courageous and faithful journey, despite her lack of English, despite having no role models or mentors, despite coming from another country and culture, to her ordination to the priesthood and her work beyond. This is a fascinating story of a woman determined to respond to the call of God, against all the odds.

    Rev Alison Christian, retired parish priest and advocate for spiritual direction
  • This is an honest and uplifting account of Amelia's journey of faith.

    Linda Sweeting, teacher
  • Amelia’s book gives a fascinating insight into both the challenges of a family coming to faith in Christ from a different religious background and the cultural differences between East and West. As she and Stanley negotiated the challenges of life in the UK and Christian ministry together, it is clear to see the guidance of the Lord Jesus in their lives. Amelia’s ministry has touched many lives, and she is much loved and appreciated by people not only of Pakistani origin but also British, Indian and Sri Lankan.

    Geoff Lumley, former teacher and lay chaplain
  • Having read The Priest from Pakistan, I could feel and see the Lord working in the life of Amelia. She is a very humble and dedicated servant of God with a hope to continue serving the Lord and His people. Each chapter of the book brings forth a lesson for readers, encouraging them to be strong in faith, to trust in the Lord and to receive blessings with the spirit of acknowledgement. My heartfelt prayer for Amelia is that God uses her more and more for His glory.

    Professor Dr Sarah Safdar, former Dean of Social Sciences, University of Peshawar, Pakistan; Member of the National Commission for Minorities, Government of Pakistan; Member of the National Commission on the status of woman, Government of Pakistan
  • Sister Amelia’s journey to ordination as Pakistan’s first woman priest is inspiring on cultural, theological and spiritual levels. This easy-to-read account is a crystallisation of a very difficult-to-live life. This faith-strengthening narration of a real Christian daughter’s experiences will find a place among Christian classics.

    Dr Akhtar Injeeli, CEO Injeeli Consultancy Ltd
  • It is very interesting to read of Amelia's journey, and the varied cross-cultural experiences she has encountered. What strikes me most is her humble lifelong desire to get to know her Lord better, and to follow wherever He leads.

    David Shaw, chair of St James’ Alperton World Church Committee
  • Amelia has written a fascinating account of her life’s journey from childhood in Pakistan to ordained ministry in the Church of England at a time when the CofE was grappling with an increasingly multicultural constituency and strong divisions over women’s ministry. By her own admission, Amelia is quiet and takes time to process things, and has learned over the years to distinguish her own thoughts from God’s 'small, sweet voice' speaking through different channels. Her journey has not been easy, but there is no bitterness, only a steady trust in God’s loving purposes. She touches on so many matters, including how to adapt Pakistani family culture to a British context, and how to share Christ with migrants to the UK from the Indian subcontinent, aware that a strategy for one generation will not necessarily work for the next. On these pages, Amelia shares her love for Christ and what has helped her to nourish that relationship. Regrettably she does not share the recipe for her famous 'Amelia’s rice'!

    Rev Clive Main, Curate at St James Alperton 1996–2000
  • Pakistan, being an Islamic state, is predominantly a male culture. In the 1950s, women leadership was beyond comprehension. Generally, girls were not encouraged in regard to education, any vocation or employment.

    'Can anything good come from Nazareth?' The writer comes from a remote area of Pakistan and was ordained as a priest in the Church of England. Though facing cultural shocks and other obstacles in the UK, she still believed that her 'dream will come true'.

    I am so thrilled to read her personal story. Focusing on 'God’s grace at work' is the hallmark of the writer. God has promised that 'my grace is sufficient' for you. For these reasons, I fully endorse this book.

    The Rev Prebendary Wilson E Gill, Dean of Cultural Diversity, Willesden Area, Diocese of London
  • It has been a privilege to work with Rev Amelia and a joy to read her story. Amelia is just as you find her in her book: humble and self-effacing while filled with nugget after nugget of wisdom and courage. The story of where her passion to follow Jesus, perseverance in faith and heart to serve others has grown from is truly remarkable. Her book is gentle, and yet so important in chronicling her struggles and passion as she lives a life following Jesus as an outsider and a as a leader. Her vision of Jesus changed her life and led to her making a difference to the lives of so many others. I pray that you will learn from Amelia’s experience and be as blessed by her as we have been.

    Rev Ali Taylor and Rev Steve Taylor, Vicars, St James’ Alperton
  • This book is a window into Amelia’s life, a woman born and brought up in a Christian family in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It tells the story of how this girl goes on to become a priest in the United Kingdom, and how the foundation of biblical principles laid by her converted grandfather C L Jacob played a role in building a life with bricks of trust in the Lord.

    With each chapter and every word shining with grace, this book will help readers not only to grow spiritually but also to apply God’s word to their lives.

    Akhtar Pervaiz, Deputy General Manager (Ret), Pakistan Steel Mills
  • It has been an honour and pleasure to work with Rev Amelia for many years. Her presence was impactful in the shaping of St James’ Church, Alperton. Her meekness in spirit and her faith in God were her strength, which helped her work through all the challenges put before her. This book portrays exactly that, alongside her commitment and faithfulness to God’s calling. Her story will help readers to overcome their own limitations and will encourage and inspire those working outside their comfort zones.

    Rev Ajay More, Associate Vicar, St John’s Church, Greenhill, Harrow

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