The Perfect Companion

“Go forth into the world in peace”

Jo Sheringham

ISBN: 9781912726769

261 Pages

Published Mar 2024


Paperback £11.99 Kindle £5.99
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Maggie has always tried to be her mother’s perfect companion. But isolated by her care, a weekly service at the local cathedral has become her sole escape – though its lofty spires, and the God they point to, have often seemed to soar far above her simple concerns.

But when one morning the diffident preacher’s words are infused with a transcendent life, both he and Maggie begin to discover in different ways a courage neither knew they had. As they each follow God’s gentle leading, they find Him intimately involved in their lives and prompting them to bring hope to others.

As Maggie faces distressing decisions about her mother’s care and supports a neighbour dealing with abuse, someone unexpected is drawn to her quiet, blossoming faith, and she beings to wonder if she might have a new companion of her own…

  • This is a charming book, that makes you care very deeply about what happens to the central characters. It’s the story of ordinary lives, everyday worries, recognisable fears and the warp and weft of human relationships, as well as the divine. That is its appeal.

    Hazel Southam, author
  • Jo has captured the difference that a deep Christian faith makes to a very ordinary, even mundane life. In Maggie she has created a gentle character who, in the midst of sometimes tough circumstances, finds courage to allow herself to be changed by God's grace – and to change others’ lives too. The Perfect Companion is shot through with the redemptive hope that comes from watching out for God’s work in everything.

    Lisa Cherrett, editor and writer
  • It is a gifted writer who can write a book that is both gentle and soothing and yet also profound and deeply soul stirring. With The Perfect Companion, Jo has done just that. Among her lyrical descriptions of cathedral spires and nesting falcons are carefully crafted, believable character studies. She takes us inside the minds and hearts of her main protagonists; we live out the challenges to their faith and walk with them, we learn from the scriptures they learn from, we see the things God reveals to them, both in the supernatural and the natural, and we share their doubts and uncertainties. This is a beautiful book, about ordinary people being called by God to live out their faith more openly, to rely on Him more closely, to open up their hearts to those in need around them and to see God respond when they step out. I believe this book is God inspired and timely. It speaks to us all, when we get bogged down in the ordinary, to not forget just how extraordinary we can be in God.

    Joy Margetts, author
  • A reflective yet realistic story that is brim-full of peace and a sense of God’s love; thoughtfully written and hauntingly beautiful.

    Sheila Jacobs, editor and award-winning author

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