The Never Ending Journey

“Living with brain injury”

Antoinette Anthony-Pillai

ISBN: 9780955913563

124 Pages

Published Jul 2012


Paperback £7.99 Kindle £2.39
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An inspiring story of courage and strength in the face of adversity.

As a young, dedicated medical student, Antoinette Anthony-Pillai’s future was mapped out. But when a routine operation for a tonsillectomy went horribly wrong, Antoinette’s brain was starved of oxygen and her life took a dramatically different turn. She and her family came face to face with the harsh realities of living with brain injury.

The Never Ending Journey is a moving account of Antoinette’s daily struggle to cope with her condition and her fight to regain control of her life. It is an honest, captivating account of the difficulties that Antoinette and her family have faced as they have come to terms with the accident and its consequences. Yet this is not a plea for sympathy. Antoinette has a charming, matter-of-fact style of writing and speaks openly and honestly about the ups and downs of her day-to-day life. As she draws you in to her world, you will understand just a little of what it is like to live in her shoes. As she tells her remarkable story, you will see how her faith in the God of miracles and the love and support of her family have seen her through.

This is a story of courage, determination and unconditional love. It will be an inspiration for any who are going through difficult times.

  • Antoinette tells [her story] eloquently and with such a light and humorous touch.

    Professor Michael Oddy, Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust
  • Antoinette's story is a brave and dignified portrayal of life with brain injury and is a testament to her strength in overcoming adversity by helping others. It is heart warming and inspirational.

    Dr. Sherrie Baehr, Clinical Neuropsychologist, Founder of the Silverlining Charity

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