The Migrant

Paul Alkazraji

ISBN: 9781909728981

196 Pages

Published Feb 2019

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Fascist populists, callous sex-traffickers and violent anti-austerity riots – these were not what Pastor Jude Kilburn had expected to face when he moved to Albania.

But when vulnerable 19-year-old Alban disappears from his poverty-stricken village to seek work in Greece, Jude has to undertake a perilous journey to try and rescue him from the Athenian underworld.

Accompanied by a volatile secret-service agent and a reformed gangster, Jude soon finds himself struggling to keep everyone together as personal tensions within and brutal dangers without threaten to tear them apart.

Caught between cynical secret police and a ruthless crime syndicate, the fate of them all will be unexpectedly changed by a trafficked girl – but not everyone will make it home.

The Migrant is a tense and evocative thriller with a powerful redemptive twist.

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