The Judas Trap

“Why people mess up (and how to avoid joining them)”

Derek Williams

ISBN: 9781909728547

256 Pages

Published Oct 2016

Christian Life

Paperback £8.99 Kindle £5.99
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It’s annoying when we mess up.

And it’s infuriating when someone else does.

But it’s tragic when the mess-up could have been avoided.

The Judas Trap explores the factors that contributed to Judas Iscariot’s infamous ‘mess-up’ – betraying Jesus Christ – and applies the tragic lessons of Judas’ life to ours today.

Whether through loneliness, ambition, wealth-seeking or something else, any one of us can stumble into the Judas trap, messing up our own life and the lives of others. Drawing on a wide range of cases and insights from varied disciplines and from the Bible, Derek Williams investigates how people can be seduced into appalling actions and recommends positive ways of reacting to others’ errors and coping with our own.

The Judas Trap suggests ways in which we can develop a Christian mind that will help make our world a better place – one where fewer people mess up!

  • I highly commend this refreshing and engaging book in which Derek Williams uses Judas Iscariot, that unfortunate icon of betrayal, to challenge us to a better understanding of ourselves and more generous consideration of others. Williams' accessible style, richly combining Christian reflection with telling historical and contemporary references, provides a realistic yet encouraging view of humanity, leading us to more gracious living.

    The Venerable Richard Brand, Archdeacon of Winchester
  • Here is practical wisdom on how to protect against our inbuilt tendency to go wrong. Derek Williams is readable, thoughtful, brave, startling, challenging, encouraging: take this book seriously, and you will grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ. I recommend it highly.

    Donald Allister, Bishop of Peterborough

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