The Healing

“Will a monk's habit help unlock his true identity?”

Joy Margetts

ISBN: 9781912726424

224 Pages

Published Mar 2021


Paperback £9.99 Kindle £2.99
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Driven to despair by heart-breaking betrayal, nobleman Philip de Braose has lost faith in God and man. Working as a soldier for hire, he recklessly seeks death and is brutally injured, only for rescue to come in the unlikely form of a Cistercian monk.

This joy-filled, kind and compassionate man walks alongside Philip as his body slowly recovers and he is forced to confront the more painful wounds within. As they travel from France to an Abbey deep in his Welsh homeland, Philip disguises himself as a Cistercian and begins to rediscover the man God always intended him to be.

But when his past invades the present, his newly awakened faith is challenged by long-buried dreams and he must decide if he can live a life devoted to God outside the Abbey’s walls.

  • This is the inspiring story of a journey, when a young man, wounded in battle but also carrying grievous hidden inner wounds, begins the long slow road to healing and wholeness. We follow Philip’s journey from the battlefields of France to the quiet greenness and peace of rural Wales, the encounters and challenges he meets along the way all set against the vividly drawn background of the natural world, the changing seasons and the gentle rhythms of monastic life. I found Philip’s story enthralling, well told and the characters human and believable. A tale of forgiveness, hope, renewed faith, and love.

    Eleanor Watkins, author
  • This is an account of how kindness and grace are more powerful than the sword; where Christian love reaches out to fight against self-destruction. Joy bravely draws on her own experience of pain and hopelessness in her journey back to health and strength of body and spirit. Gentle, yet forceful, her story shows how love can restore our hope and trust in both God and man.

    Alick Ford, retired teacher and Anglican lay reader
  • Thirteenth century France and Wales form the backdrop to this well-researched tale of a world-weary knight and his newly found Cistercian friends. Interspersed with provocative and thought-provoking Bible verses, we are carried into a world of peace, rest and service, along with the constant worry of discovery and betrayal. A feel-good exploration of forgotten times that leaves a final lump in the throat.

    Ian Hampson, Lay Reader, Church in Wales, and student of Welsh ecclesiastical history
  • What a great book. An engaging story set in a realistic historical context. If you thought living a life of faith was about following a set of cold, joyless rules, have a read of this. Take a look at Philip’s life and journey with him out of the shadows into the radiance of healing grace. Impossible to read without encountering hope.

    Billy Doey, Senior Pastor (Retired), Welcome Evangelical Church, Witney

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