The Battle for the Lost Amulet

A M Raithatha

ISBN: 9781909728363

160 Pages

Published Mar 2016


Paperback £6.99 Kindle £2.99
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Thirteen-year-old Kenya’s life is about to change forever!

Caring Kenya lives with her cantankerous mother and grumpy stepfather, unaware of the incredible destiny that awaits her. As a Child of Gabriel, she is one of the guardians of an ancient amulet whose fate will determine the future of her planet.

When the world was young, a mighty conflict raged between Kenya’s people, the peace-loving land dwellers, and terrifying beasts of the underworld. The land dweller guardians ended the war by shattering a magic amulet that could give the beasts power to rule. But now, the long-forgotten underworld has grown in strength. It seeks to reunite the amulet’s shattered shards and conquer the world…

Can Kenya and her friend Amit find the amulet pieces and save their planet?

  • Refreshingly honest, bold and yet vulnerable, this book is commended to anyone who refuses to be held back.

    Agu Irukwu, Senior Pastor, Jesus House London
  • This is a powerful story which is shared with vulnerability and poise, and one that leaves me deeply encouraged and inspired!

    The Reverend Terry Tennens, Chief Executive, International Justice Mission UK
  • This book will bring life, encouragement and challenge, not only to those who carry an obvious physical scar, but to all those who struggle to feel like they belong.

    Ian Hamilton, Chief Executive Officer, Compassion UK

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