Talking with God

“Touching the beauty of God amid our chaotic world”

Nigel Thonger

ISBN: 9781912726677

208 Pages

Published Feb 2023

Christian Life

Paperback £10.99 Kindle £5.99
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Do you long for a closer relationship with God? To be able to meet and talk as friends?

This profound and practical guide gives us the tools to begin just such a conversation, one where we can share the everyday and deeper issues of our lives and be transformed by God’s replies. Rooted in Scripture, each bite-sized chapter considers a different aspect of how we relate to God, and uses guided prayers and reflections to help us hear His voice in new and creative ways.

With extensive experience in Christian healing ministry, Nigel Thonger is a wise and gentle companion, inspiring us to rise above the chaos of the world and converse with God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – as a friend. Why not take a risk and begin talking with Him today?

  • Talking with God is a work of love stemming from the core of the author’s being. An invitation to intimacy with Jesus shines through the pages.

    Rev John Ryeland, Director, The Christian Healing Mission
  • Talking With God takes you on a journey that will deepen your faith and prayer life. Nigel encourages us to use Scripture and imagination to go beyond the surface and to have a deeply personal conversation with God. A great resource which is easy to use, and in which there is something for all Christians and those who truly seek a deeper relationship with God through Scripture.

    Father Peter Williams OSB, Worth Abbey
  • I started to read this book slowly, one meditation at a time. The method used wasn’t my natural way of praying, but to my surprise the first one brought me to tears as I revisited a memory of being filled with a sense of wonder and love as I, for the first time, saw the night sky in a place not polluted by light.

    As I entered into a dialogue with God I was further moved to hear words of tender affirmation and encouragement.

    I think the book will help many others to enter into relationship with this same God, our compassionate and life-giving Creator.

    Gina, CSF

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