Stories from the Streets

“An insight into the work of Street Pastors”

Luke Randall, Sue Shaw

ISBN: 9781912726288

272 Pages

Published Nov 2020

Mission and Leadership

Paperback £9.99 Kindle £5.99
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Would you volunteer to walk the streets of your town or city late on a Saturday night? This is what Street Pastors do, showing compassionate care and concern to everyone they meet.

Founded in 2003 to respond to critical social issues, more than 12,000 volunteers have now been trained to serve as Street Pastors, not only on the streets but in many other public spheres as well. Whether offering a listening ear to a vulnerable clubber, mentoring a troubled teen or responding to a national emergency, Street Pastors are making a significant difference in communities across the UK and beyond.

This book, with incredible and in some cases life-saving stories, celebrates their work, which has been credited with saving police and NHS time and money, reducing crime and improving neighbourhoods, and dispels the myth that the Church is not relevant today.

  • This inspiring book, Stories from the Streets, by Dr Luke Randall and Sue Shaw serves as a powerful reminder of the difference we can make in the lives of others, through what sometimes seem quite simple acts. A lot of the time we see the size of the need and feel inadequate in what we can do to help. What this book does is remind us all of how a series of ordinary acts can have a significant impact. I wonder how many lives have been helped, and on occasions even saved, by those mentioned in this book, who have faithfully invested their time and energy in looking out for others … may it inspire you to do the same!

    Ryan Ahern, Pastor, Esher Green Baptist Church
  • Luke and Sue take us on a gripping journey across the UK and to Antigua, as we hear the stories of the frontline volunteers motivated by the compassion of Jesus Christ – which is the heart and soul of Street Pastors. We see God’s dignity – caring, helping and listening – in a world where it is in short supply, whether in a one-off conversation with a vulnerable late-night reveller or life-saving words to a suicidal homeless person. It refreshingly inspires us at a time when we have been locked out of church buildings to get out there and be the living body of Christ (as one volunteer said, 'God's hands, His eyes and His feet') in our streets, railway stations and schools.

    David Burrowes, Former MP for Enfield Southgate (2005-2017) and Patron of Ascension Trust
  • Stories from the Streets allows us a snapshot from around the UK and Antigua of all the amazing work that Street Pastors are doing. As you read the book you can sense the passion of the volunteers, the genuine caring, listening and helping that they all do and their desire to be the light in the darkness, knowing that God goes before them in all situations. It is also great to read the acknowledgements from the general public, the police, and so on, with regard to the great work the Street Pastors do.

    Sally Leonard, Reading Street Pastors Coordinator 2012 to present
  • Stories from the Streets does 'what it says on the tin'. It provides blow-by-blow accounts of what it is really like to 'love your neighbour' by caring, listening, helping – the Street Pastors’ motto.

    Whether you are already a Street Pastor, in training or considering how to be a better Good Samaritan, you will find Stories from the Streets a helpful resource.

    Teresa James, Street Pastors leader since 2006
  • An impressive narrative on the life of Street Pastors. The authors have clearly spent time doing background research and have significant experience of patrolling the streets themselves.

    Barry Sebastian, Street Pastors Coordinator, Antigua

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