Stories from the Road

“Observations from the saddle of an ageing Harley”

Nigel Rostock

ISBN: 9781912726806

208 Pages

Published Apr 2024

Biography, Latest Releases

Paperback £12.99 Kindle £5.99
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‘Looking back, if I had known that I would be swamped in a full-blown flood in Rome, that both brakes would fail in the Alps, or that I would be sliding sideways on loose gravel towards a sheer drop, I may never have taken the Harley out of the garage. But God had other ideas…’

Rev Nigel Rostock is not your average priest. A committed member of God’s Squad Christian Motorcycle Club, he has ridden his beloved Harley-Davidson more than 160,000 miles, criss-crossing Europe, often with his wife, Alison, on the back. Touring the continent and the US, he has seen God move in marvellous ways, and recalls these faith-building stories with humour, simplicity and depth.

Join Nigel as he traverses perilous Alpine passes, deserted American ghost towns and even war-torn Ukraine, and find inspiration to reflect on your own life – whether in the saddle or out!

  • Nigel’s story speaks powerfully of the God of surprises. Weaving together tales from his adventures on his motorbike and spiritual insights, Stories from the Road is an uplifting and faith-affirming read, which encourages us all to look for God's hand at work in every area and chapter of life, just as Nigel does.

    Rt Reverend Saju Muthalaly, Bishop of Loughborough
  • It was my privilege to ordain Nigel in 2018. But Nigel is no ordinary priest. His trusty Harley-Davidson has taken him all around the world as a member (and President) of the God’s Squad. Stories from the Road is an honest, humorous and at times scary account of how God has inspired, guided and protected him on his journeys. His faith shines through like a light in the darkness.

    Rt Rev Martyn Snow, Bishop of Leicester
  • In a down-to-earth, honest and sometimes humorous manner, this long-time biker and more recent Anglican priest takes you along for the ride. His own eccentricity, stubbornness and resilience sit alongside unexpected provision, grace and warmth that reflect on a lifetime of devotion, to both motorcycles and Christ. A heartwarming read.

    Sean Stillman, author God’s Biker: Motorcycles & Misfits

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