Stories from the Road

“Observations from the saddle of an ageing Harley”

Nigel Rostock

ISBN: 9781912726806

208 Pages

Published Apr 2024

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Paperback £12.99
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‘Looking back, if I had known that I would be swamped in a full-blown flood in Rome, that both brakes would fail in the Alps, or that I would be sliding sideways on loose gravel towards a sheer drop, I may never have taken the Harley out of the garage. But God had other ideas…’

Rev Nigel Rostock is not your average priest. A committed member of God’s Squad Christian Motorcycle Club, he has ridden his beloved Harley-Davidson more than 160,000 miles, criss-crossing Europe, often with his wife, Alison, on the back. Touring the continent and the US, he has seen God move in marvellous ways, and recalls these faith-building stories with humour, simplicity and depth.

Join Nigel as he traverses perilous Alpine passes, deserted American ghost towns and even war-torn Ukraine, and find inspiration to reflect on your own life – whether in the saddle or out!

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