Simply Eat

“Everyday stories of friendship, food and faith”

Simply Eat

ISBN: 9781909728943

144 Pages

Published Oct 2018

Christian Life

Hardback £15.00
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Have we forgotten that food and faith belong together?

From Genesis to Revelation, God provides food for His people to eat. Regardless of age or ethnicity, gender or class, we all know what it is to experience physical hunger. Many people also know God-given spiritual hunger. When we come together to eat, we discover our shared humanity and find our spiritual as well as our physical needs can be met.

From a missionary midwife to a former Hindu priest, and from a poetic schoolgirl to a celebrity chef, Simply Eat is an inspirational collection of stories and recipes celebrating the power of food and faith.

Colourful and creative, this book exquisitely reveals all God can do when we simply eat!

Simply Eat has been produced in partnership with London City Mission, Interserve, All Nations, The Church of England – Birmingham, Great Commission and South Asian Forum.

  • At last a resource is in print that helps us grasp the fact that Jesus’ life was a lot around eating with people. So much so that his critics accused him of being a 'glutton and a boozer' (Mt.11:19). I really believe this book will help us walk a bit more 'as Jesus walked' (1Jn.2:6).

    Steve Bell, Director in Gt Britain & Ireland, Interserve
  • Great Commission is all about equipping and inspiring a passion to make Jesus known. That’s why we love the vision of Simply Eat, bringing people together to share good food and good news stories of Jesus. We’re so excited to see how God uses this book to inspire hospitality, generosity and a hunger to see others come to know Jesus.

    Gavin Calver, Director of Mission, Great Commission, Evangelical Alliance
  • Simply Eat is a delightful and inspiring book full of stories of everyday Christians using hospitality and food to get to know their neighbours, to build friendships and to share Jesus. Full of mouth-watering recipes from around the world, this book will encourage you to reach out across cultures, and we pray that as you do, many will come to hear about Christ.

    Jo Sutton, Director of Communications, London City Mission
  • Simply Eat is a wonderful book full of fabulous examples of how to build strong friendships with people of all faiths and none whilst sharing the hope and joy of knowing Jesus Christ. This high-quality resource will be a great encouragement for Christians unsure of how to get started and an inspiration to those seeking new ideas.

    Andrew Smith, Director of Interfaith Relations, The Church of England – Birmingham
  • We are committed to mission and inspiring others to mission. This new resource creatively encourages believers to share their faith with friends and family in a friendly non-threatening way.

    Steve Uppal, Senior Pastor, All Nations
  • A key value of Asian cultures is that no one should have to eat alone – but in the West they often do. Simply Eat is part of the solution to this problem, celebrating the power and joy of eating together as we share both our food and our lives with one another. And in the UK’s often polarised multicultural and multi-ethnic society, coming round the table to eat together will be essential to building community, welcoming outsiders and making safe spaces to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

    Manoj Raithatha, National Co-ordinator, South Asian Forum, Evangelical Alliance

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