Seraph of the Sallow Grove

Ben Mears

ISBN: 9781912726516

285 Pages

Published Sep 2022


Paperback £9.99 Kindle £5.99
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When the fearsome Lord Draker approaches Banyard and Mingle for help, they are immediately on their guard. Two high-profile silkers have been murdered with chilling precision, their bodies unearthed in a snowbound, sallow grove – but why would the chief of police come to them?

As the body count rises, a terrible pattern emerges, confronting Banyard and Mingle with their greatest challenge yet. Facing deadly threats and political pressures, Banyard discerns a sinisterly sacred motive, and Mingle a risky opportunity to make their investigation pay.

But can they prevent the next murder?

And will the true killer be apprehended?

A standalone novel and fourth in the series.

  • An excellent mystery featuring clever detection and brilliant characters, in a well-imagined, post-apocalyptic society. Highly recommended.

    Brian Price, author of the DC Mel Cotton series
  • An accomplished addition to the Banyard and Mingle series. Suitable for teens and adults alike, I would recommend it for fans of murder mystery who enjoy a well-wrought whodunnit portrayed with captivating characters. First-rate!

    Jeff Parke, WiFi SciFi
  • Ben Mears’ books are rich with the sense of a world extending beyond the page, unexplored and full of promise.

    Anne Corlett, author of The Space Between the Stars

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